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donkeykongvideogame| GTC Zehui: The rise of electric buses

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As countries around the world accelerate the environmental protection of public transportDonkeykongvideogameThe application speed of electric vehicles in the public transport sector is expected to exceed that of private passenger cars. This trend is aimed at supporting global decarbonization efforts and in line with the climate targets under the Paris Agreement. GTC Zehui said that the latest research report shows that compared with relying on private transport, the shared public transport mode can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions per passenger by up to 2/3 per kilometer. As a result, it is expected that the global capacity of public transport will need to double by 2030 to meet these environmental targets.

The growth in demand for public transport, such as electric buses, heralds a significant expansion in its scale over the next decade. According to the 2023 forecast, by 2032, about half of the world's bus fleet will be fully battery-powered, when three out of every four buses will be electric cars. By contrast, private electric cars are expected to reach 50 per cent penetration in about a decade, while the popularity of electric trucks and scooters is slower, says Mr GTC.

GTC Zehui said that while most orders for electric buses initially came mainly from China, orders from other regions have increased sharply since 2022. Local governments have placed a large number of orders because electric buses are more suitable for cities and short-haul routes, which are recharged at dedicated bus stops rather than relying on third-party charging stations on long-distance routes.

On a global scale, for example, Berlin, Germany, plans to put 1.Donkeykongvideogame1700 electric buses were replaced by 600 diesel buses. New York City has set a goal of converting all of its 5800 bus fleets to electric power by 2040. In Europe, the electric bus market is growing rapidly with the green transformation plan promoted by the European Union. In 2023, 6354 electric buses were registered in the European Union, as well as Norway, Iceland and Switzerland, with an annual growth rate of 53 per cent. Today, more than 42% of urban buses, including pure electric and hydrogen fuel cell models, achieve zero emissions, a huge leap from just 15% in 2020.

GTC Zehui said that in the United States, especially schools and university districts, there has been a strong interest in electric buses. For example, Oakland, California, has become the first area in the United States to replace all school district buses with electric buses, with a total of 74 vehicles. The Oakland United School District partnered with Zum to sell electricity from electric car batteries back to California's utility grid, the first school district to test vehicles to charge two-way to the grid (V2G).

In the Middle East, Qatar, which has equally ambitious ambitions for electric buses, has launched a pilot project for self-driving electric buses, which is planned to be rolled out on a large scale in the coming years. In addition, the Lussel bus stop in Qatar has won the Guinness World record for becoming the world's largest electric bus garage, with a capacity of 478 buses. The country plans to fully electrify the bus fleet by 2030.

donkeykongvideogame| GTC Zehui: The rise of electric buses

The increased global demand for electric buses shows the government's determination to pursue decarbonization goals and green transformation. GTC Zehui said that with continued private and public investment in electric buses, the global fleet of electric buses is expected to increase significantly in the coming decades, making an important contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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